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Are you looking for financial advice? Yuvam Financial Services provides financial advice.
Mortgage to wealth, life insurance to funeral insurance and non-life insurance to income. Yuvam financial services is independent and knowledgeable. Always looking for custom!

Yuvam financial servicesadvice in the areas of:
- Mortgages
- Life Insurance
- Income Insurance
- Non-life insurance
- Funeral Insurance
- Properties

Autoriteit Financiële Markten
The Financial Services Act sets high standards in terms of professionalism, integrity, reliability and financial transparency.
The Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) on behalf of the legislature supervision of all financial services providers in the Netherlands. Our office is
registered with the AFM under number 12002980. The AFM keeps a record of all license holders. This can be viewed via

Klachteninstituut Verzekeringen
Insurance Complaints
We are committed to serve you. To the satisfaction of service However, it is always possible that somewhere errors are completely
made. Initially, we'll work with you to find a solution. However, we were allowed to fail and you find that your
complaint to your understanding is not adequately treated, you can submit your complaint to the Insurance Complaints. Us
number with the Insurance Complaints is: 300.000750. More information about the role and procedures of the Complaints Board can be found via the website: www.klachteninstituut.nl

4) The products and services we offer to you

Our office can provide you excellent service in the field of mediation and consultancy in insurance. Think of
automotive, household, medical, liability and travel insurance. We mediate in insurance products to suit your needs and capabilities. Your interests are central and close our services accordingly. We assist you actively claim settlement. All our activities are designed to maintain a lasting relationship with you and look after your best interests.

Life insurance
Our office is authorized to advise and mediate in the field of life insurance. Think of your pension or
your annuity insurance, but also to the life associated with your mortgage.
Our office will represent your best financial interests. To achieve the desired financial security, we can advise you on the
opportunities and we propose a balanced package of features together.

Our office has the authority to advise in the area of ​​mortgages. We take the work and worry out of your hands when closing a mortgage tailor. We bring your financial situation and on that basis we bring out a mortgage. We will then discuss with you a suitable offer.

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    You can reach us by phone: 070 - 389 80 00

    On weekdays from 9:00 t / m 17:00.

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